To Be In Creativity’s Presence

I just finished a wonderful video visit.

It’s perfect. Writer JK Rowling, and screenwriter Steve Kloves, just sitting on sofas talking about craft, about Harry Potter and the experience of creating worlds with words — one for book readers, then one for films.

I love creatives talking shop.

I was a fly on the wa I had just lifted an Invisibility Cloak (muggles shouldn’t have one anyway!) and draped it over my head and shoulders, and sat in with Jo and Steve. (If you ask them, of course they’ll deny I was even there!
Because: cloak.)

Yes they had it videotaped and it’s on YouTube.

I don’t know what you’ll take from this visit, but I got so much! Much more out of this than a hundred tutorial workshops.

Inspiration that educates. Now that’s magic!
It’s why they so often call us creatives ‘Wizards.’

Long Distance Relationships.

I’m trying to figure out how to articulate a long-distance relationship I’m having.

Let’s start general, and go specific later.

The sun (Sol) and I have a relationship. True, there’s a dramatic age difference, but since nobody’s said anything yet, I’m not worried. Our relationship warms me, and at a distance of 93 million miles, that definitely counts as long distance.

With over 7 billion other people on the planet, it’s a safe assumption it’s a polyamorous thing.

Sometimes clouds come between us, sure, but when that happens, I just figure Sol needs some ‘me-time’.

Before too long the clouds are gone, and Sol’s back to lighting up my days.

That’s my relationship with our nearest star.

I have an inhabitant relationship with Earth.

I have a citizen relationship with Canada, my home and native land.

So, the relationship that has me scratching my head?

It’s with a singer, thousands of miles away who recorded a performance 31 years ago, I discovered on youtube, I am moved, deeply.

My first try was the obvious — a ‘fan-celebrity’ relationship. It definitely is, but that somehow falls short, it ‘says it’ and ‘doesn’t quite say it.’

I’m okay with the distance, After all, I began this at this distance in space and time, and it warms me so, so why would I want to change anything? Ain’t broke, so don’t change it.

No, I’m just in a how-do-I-describe-it situation.