To Be In Creativity’s Presence

I just finished a wonderful video visit.

It’s perfect. Writer JK Rowling, and screenwriter Steve Kloves, just sitting on sofas talking about craft, about Harry Potter and the experience of creating worlds with words — one for book readers, then one for films.

I love creatives talking shop.

I was a fly on the wa I had just lifted an Invisibility Cloak (muggles shouldn’t have one anyway!) and draped it over my head and shoulders, and sat in with Jo and Steve. (If you ask them, of course they’ll deny I was even there!
Because: cloak.)

Yes they had it videotaped and it’s on YouTube.

I don’t know what you’ll take from this visit, but I got so much! Much more out of this than a hundred tutorial workshops.

Inspiration that educates. Now that’s magic!
It’s why they so often call us creatives ‘Wizards.’