Long Distance Relationships.

I’m trying to figure out how to articulate a long-distance relationship I’m having.

Let’s start general, and go specific later.

The sun (Sol) and I have a relationship. True, there’s a dramatic age difference, but since nobody’s said anything yet, I’m not worried. Our relationship warms me, and at a distance of 93 million miles, that definitely counts as long distance.

With over 7 billion other people on the planet, it’s a safe assumption it’s a polyamorous thing.

Sometimes clouds come between us, sure, but when that happens, I just figure Sol needs some ‘me-time’.

Before too long the clouds are gone, and Sol’s back to lighting up my days.

That’s my relationship with our nearest star.

I have an inhabitant relationship with Earth.

I have a citizen relationship with Canada, my home and native land.

So, the relationship that has me scratching my head?

It’s with a singer, thousands of miles away who recorded a performance 31 years ago, I discovered on youtube, I am moved, deeply.

My first try was the obvious — a ‘fan-celebrity’ relationship. It definitely is, but that somehow falls short, it ‘says it’ and ‘doesn’t quite say it.’

I’m okay with the distance, After all, I began this at this distance in space and time, and it warms me so, so why would I want to change anything? Ain’t broke, so don’t change it.

No, I’m just in a how-do-I-describe-it situation.

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